Night Walks and Sunsets

The golden hour before sunset is a magical time of day when heat still lingers in the air and the light bathes the landscape in a warm glow. Find a high vantage point and experience the glorious, grand finale of the day. And if you are looking out to sea, you might even see the intriguing ‘green flash’ that occurs in those last few seconds before the sun disappears.

As dusk descends, wrap up and settle down to watch and listen under an indigo sky. At night, the landscape shows its true wild character: familiar outlines blur, nightjars call, glow-worms shine and overhead the stars begin to glitter. For stargazing choose a clear night and a remote spot, such as Exmoor. Plan night walks on moonlit nights and pack a torch but try not to use it. Let your eyes adjust to the dark – it can take about 20 minutes – then start walking with slow, careful strides, taking high steps to avoid tripping on uneven ground. Retrace ancient routes and think of all the people who have travelled the same path over hundreds of years.