Secret Beaches

Rocky, indented and often spectacular, the South West coast has some fantastic secret coves. Access isn’t always straightforward and some are difficult to find, but that’s half the fun. There’s almost always a path down, sometimes with the help of a rope or some rough steps, so take great care and you’ll enjoy a refreshing plunge away from the crowds.

Before setting off, check the tides times carefully, as many hidden coves only reveal their perfect white sand at low tide. Remember also that tides are much more extreme during full and new moons – the so-called ‘spring’ tides that occur every fortnight. In the South West, low tide tends to be around lunchtime during spring tides. This is a great time to be on the beach and there will certainly be more sand to sit on, but the risk of being cut off may be greater, so try not to lose track of time.