Wayfarer Winner – chosen by Robert Macfarlane

We were delighted to offer copies of Robert Mcfarlane’s evocative The Old Ways to some of you last month.

As part of the book’s paperback launch Penguin have supported one lucky Wayfarers to spend a summer exploring Britain and describing its wild places and experiences.

The overall winner was Sarah Thomas with this wonderfully evocative trailer mini-film

A  note from Robert Macfarlane:

“Choosing the longlist was difficult enough; choosing a winner from the shortlist approached the impossible. We (the judges) re-watched the films, re-read the essays, followed links to blogs and sites, and re-discussed each entry… I found myself repeatedly amazed by the acuity of vision, the political passion, the historical sense, the openness of spirit and the creative energy on display in the shortlist. It took three days to reach a decision. The winner is Sarah Thomas. Her film is a tiny gem: beautifully shot and scripted, and weaving together a complex sense of landscape’s living histories, deep pasts and subtle scripts. It testifies to her experience as an anthropologist and a film-maker, but also to a life lived keenly in and through places. I cannot wait to follow the journeys she takes here in Britain over the coming months.

You can see all the entries on the Penguin Wayfarers page.